Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Andrew, Lukas and I spent the New Years weekend in beautiful Santa Cruz. I will admit, it was not the most eventful New Years we have had. Andrew had a terrible cold, I was totally wiped out from the holidays and we barely left the house. But the sun was shining for most of the weekend, we watched lots of movies and I had a Whole Foods down the street at my disposal so it wasn't all bad. Jordi was in heaven as he got a walk every day and got lots of attention from all the dog loving Santa Cruz hippies. He definitely had an extra spring in his step during our stay. Saturday afternoon we went to the chapel for 4pm mass. It was really special to take Lukas to the place where his parents and Meditz grandparents were married. We also introduced Lukas to the sisters after mass - they thought he was pretty cute. Lukas' favorite activity of the weekend was hanging out on the deck his daddy built with views of big beach. The sounds of barking dogs and rolling waves made him feel right at home. On our last day we finally ventured out and got lunch at Olita's on the pier. Lobster and tilapia tacos with tons of sunshine and beautiful views of West Cliff - what could be better? Lukas spent the long lunch taking a nap in the sun. After lunch we checked out the seals who were making quite a raucous! Seals are sort of weiner doglike we decided...

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  1. i loved that little church. and you guys look great! not sick.