Monday, April 26, 2010

Lukas & Sienna's Baptism

On March 21st, Lukas and his cousin Sienna were baptised at St. Anselm's church in Ross, CA. Deacon Bernard O'Hallovan conducted the baptism. Lukas' godparents were Mike Meditz and Janet Lovitt. We loved that Lukas could wear a baptism gown that belonged to Andrew's family. He looked awfully cute in it and was so smiley during the ceremony. At one point, I noticed that Lukas was staring at the Deacon as he spoke, almost as if he understood what he was saying. After the ceremony we went to Cori's parent's house for lunch and time with family and friends. It was a lovely day and one that Andrew's mother would have loved. We certainly missed her on that day but were so happy to have so many other family members and friends with us. It was a day of celebration of all that is good and hopeful in our lives, so much of which has to do with the new generation of children in the family.

Family Time

What else is there to do on a Sunday in Sacramento than have a dance party? Lukas thinks it is hilarious when Mommy dances. And he loves special time with Daddy. Lukas will try to imitate our dance moves - it is quite impressive. If you look closely enough, it looks like he is doing the moon walk...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hi y'all. Just thought I'd show you a picture of my tooth. Can you see it? There is actually a 2nd one coming in next to the one you can see. I'm crying right now because it hurts and I don't want to take my nap. Can someone please bring my mommy a cocktail? Love, Lukas
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Time with Grande and Papa Choo Choo

Happy 6 Month Birthday Lukas!

Lukas celebrated his 6 month birthday on April 19th. He is really becoming a little person with a very big personality! Recently Lukas has started to enjoy spending more time on his tummy and attempting to crawl. He is also working on his 2nd tooth! Lukas is beginning to express his wants and needs more as well. If he can't reach a toy or drops it, he will let you know that he wants it. He is becoming a champ at holding toys in both hands and bringing them to his mouth. The thing that I am enjoying most about Lukas right now is how cuddly he is and how much he wants to be held. Although he is a great independent player, he also loves his snuggle time. I'm going to enjoy that while it lasts!
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Santa Cruz with Friends

We had a great trip to Santa Cruz last weekend with two other families. Lukas loved watching Kaia and Abigail, both nearly 2 as they played. Kaia loves Lukas and was very gentle with him. It was so sweet to watch! We enjoyed having other parents around and picked their brains for tips. Despite the dreary weather we made it out for a quick trip to the beach, some wine tasting and a stroll through downtown. I hope that we have many more opportunities to go to the beach with friends and family in the future! (Also, I can't take credit for any of these photos - they were all taken by Tracy!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lukas' First Easter

We had such a fun Easter at our house with friends and neighbors. Despite the rainy day, everyone had fun eating brunch and relaxing. Lukas has the tendency to stay awake for parties -- he loves all the action -- so he didn't go down for a nap until 3pm! It worked out fine - Andrew and I watched TWO movies that afternoon while he took his late nap.