Thursday, September 23, 2010

11 months old!

Holy cow! Where has time gone? Our little tiny baby boy is no longer tiny and hardly a baby anymore. Lukas brings us more joy and laughter with each day. Right now, he is a very huggy boy and starting to give us sloppy, wet kisses on the cheek. He also LOVES to share his bottle, toys & food with Mommy, Daddy & Jordi. Tonight I watched as he fed peas, one kernel at a time to Jordi. Lukas has mastered crawling on his hands and knees and is FAST! He can also cruise around on furniture, kitchen appliances, even the screen door. And he loves to practice his walking. Gone are the days when I could leave him in the living room to grab a quick shower. Lukas has also outgrown his crazy nap strikes. Now he takes a very dependable 1 hour nap in the morning and 2 hour nap in the afternoon. It has made life so much easier, mostly because he is well rested and happy! Lukas' favorite toys continue to be things that aren't toys; my makeup case and their contents, kitchen utensils, spice bottles, empty plastic containers and magazines or manuals. We are often puzzled by his choices since he has plenty of toys to play with. I guess it's a sign that he is learning about the world around him. Clapping and waving are also fairly new skills. Just this week, he began clapping in time to music -- now THAT I think is impressive! Most of all, I love seeing Lukas' growing sense of humor and the love he has not only for us, but for other members of our family. Papa Choo Choo, Opa and Grande have been so generous in helping us with Lukas this year. What they probably weren't expecting was how much of a bond would form between them. Lukas has never cried when I walked out the door, leaving him with one of his grandparents. Lukas & Jordi are also becoming fast friends, equally bothering and entertaining one another. Lukas tries to avoid Jordi's licks while Jordi tries to avoid the inevitable ear tug. I'm pretty proud of Jordi for learning to put up with this abuse and wait for me to help him. This week, I started working from home which means I get to spend a lot more time with Lukas. After a really really hard year, all is right with the world.