Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tummy Time

Lukas is not a huge fan of tummy time. So we got a little mirror to put on the ground. He loved that he could see my face in the mirror! So it took him longer than usual to figure out he should be mad that he was on his tummy. It was fun to get down on the ground and make funny faces to keep him entertained. Hopefully this will help out with the dreaded tummy time in the future!

5 months old!

I can't believe Lukas is already 5 months old. This month has been a big one for Lukas. He started going to childcare 2x a week (which he loves). He also sits up with support, grasps objects well, can bring objects to his mouth, is eating rice cereal and winter squash, rolls from his back to his side and is starting to recognize faces other than mom and dad. Lukas is also starting to show more interest in toys and books. He also went through a huge growth spurt this month. We're also pretty happy that he is only getting up once in the night now. The best thing about this stage is all of the smiles and laughs we get. He is a really happy baby and we are so lucky!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

St. Patty's Day and a Visit from Nana

Today Nana (aka Aunt Kathy) came to spend time with Lukas and give us time to get some much needed chores done. Lukas wore green for the occasion since Kathy is on the Irish side of the family and it is almost St. Patrick's Day. Kathy brought him a cute bib that says "Kiss Me I'm Irish." As you can see, Lukas is already getting lots of use out of it while eating his rice cereal. Kathy said that Lukas sat up for the first time today. I think he was showing off for Nana. Lukas does sit up with support so I took a photo - well done Lukas!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A rainy day and some big smiles with Papa Choo Choo

Today Papa Choo Choo drove up to take care of Lukas. Lukas spent some quality time hamming it up for his grandpa who took these beautiful photos. These pictures are a special keepsake of their day together. I was so happy to see Lukas so relaxed and content when I got home. He definitely has a special bond with his Papa Choo Choo. Bonus: Lukas took an evening nap and went to bed without a fuss tonight. What is your secret Papa Choo Choo?