Sunday, January 24, 2010

Are you the Hangover Baby?

If you saw the Hangover, you might have noticed the adorable baby who wears a little blue cap throughout the film. Lukas has a similar hat which we have been forced to put on his head 24 hours a day. Seems Lukas likes to scratch his head in his sleep, when he plays, when he eats (which I'd like to think means he is going to grow up to be a scientist or mad professor or something intellectual). We started laughing when we saw him smiling in his little "Hangover Baby" hat last night. Daddy took the photos and Mommy kept him giggling. This is what we do now on Saturday nights...


  1. You didn't have a baby -- you got a toy! :)

  2. I love his little smirk in this photo! He's so adorable.