Monday, December 28, 2009

San Francisco

Andrew and I had a rare visit to San Francisco the day after Christmas. It was Lukas' first time in the big city! First we stopped at Aunt Ann's new (and very chic) apartment. She has such a knack for decorating and we enjoyed the tea and conversation with her in her cozy living room on the cold and rainy afternoon. We then headed over to see Ryan, Karen, Josselyn, Matt and Dave for dinner. All of them had so much exciting news to share. Ryan's documentary will be playing at a number of film festivals in 2010, Ryan and Karen are moving to Africa, Dave just finished his first semester of law school (or should I say survived), and Josselyn and Matt just returned from a 3 week honeymoon in Australia. Of course our exciting news was the baby this time (: Everyone loved meeting Lukas and I think our friends are still in disbelief that we have a BABY.

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