Monday, December 28, 2009

My First Christmas

We had such a memorable and special Christmas with our families this year. On Christmas Eve we went to Nana's House (Aunt Kathy) and had a wonderful time opening packages, laughing and watching Lukas' cousins Ethan and Sienna play. Then we had dessert at Aunt Elaine's house and Lukas' cousins Pete, Lauren and Ava snuggled with him. Aunt Elaine got a little snuggle time too between entertaining her guests. On Christmas Day Grandma Grande made us a breakfast feast and then we had a nice relaxing day. That evening the Murphys over for dinner and we all had a wonderful time playing and laughing some more. A special bonus was two days after Christmas, my aunts Peg and Jean came over for a visit. We're so happy to have had so much time for family to bond with Lukas this Christmas season. It is a reminder that we all need to make time to get together more often.

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