Thursday, May 26, 2011

19 Months Old

Each month, I think that I couldn't enjoy a certain stage more. This is especially true right now. The sun is out (sometimes) and with my Master's degree coursework done, I have more time to spend with my little man. It also allows us more time together as a family. We spent the first weekend I was out of school going out to brunch and playing indoor games since it was raining out. Lukas loved watching the hail come down.

Yesterday Lukas loved singing "rain, rain go away" and actually understood that what was falling from the sky was rain. He kept pointing to the sky and saying "rain." Today when some water dripped from the shower head, he also said "rain." I can't believe the way his little brain is picking up on little things like this everyday.

A new development just this week is that Lukas can repeat a lot of the words that we say. If I say, "Let's go read a story." He'll say "story." It's cool to know that he is understanding more everyday and that our communication with him is definitely not one sided!

We purchased an outdoor basketball hoop for Lukas this month which is absolutely loves. He also has a little tennis racket which he is able to swing quite well, although he still needs help hitting the ball. Lukas clearly has his father's coordination and my good looks for which I am grateful (I am only kidding on the latter, although I am glad he ended up with my green eyes).

Our family is just starting to get used to the idea that in late 2011 or early 2012 we will be welcoming a new member to the family. I have no doubt that Lukas will be an amazing big brother. Today could be summed up in one word: HUGS. Every time I turned around, Lukas wanted to give me a big hug. He also loves to tell Jordi "Goodbye Jordi" when we leave the house, which shows me he is starting to learn that the world is bigger than him.

We're looking forward to a fun summer of swimming, singing classes and lazy afternoons in the backyard. Lukas really enjoys reading books and singing which is nice, since some day I have more energy than others (: I am amazed that he is so interested in books when just 6 months ago, he wouldn't sit still for even one book! We both love to read Goodnight Moon and all the wonderful board books we received at my showers and library books we pick up every few weeks.

Life is simple. And it is good.


  1. Lovely.

    And Goodnight Moon is the BEST!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on the soon-to-be new addition to the family!!