Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Bike

We got Lukas one of those Radio Flyer trikes with a pushbar earlier this week. It's perfect timing with the great weather we've been having. Lukas asks me in the sweetest way to take him out for a ride. He looks at me with his big blue eyes, gets very serious and says, "Mama? Bike?" It's tough to say no to that face and his polite request. The first day we had the bike, we went out four times! This is going to help me get ready for swim suit season, that is for sure! We love going to our favorite coffee shop in the morning with the bike. Lukas gets his own "coffee" to put in the trunk of the bike (it is just ice water in a coffee cup with a straw). He feels SO grown up! When we ask him to hold on with two hands or ring the bell, he always follows instructions. Lukas also likes to wear his "hat" which is really his helmet. I think we're going to stay busy this summer with our new activity (:

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