Monday, April 26, 2010

Lukas & Sienna's Baptism

On March 21st, Lukas and his cousin Sienna were baptised at St. Anselm's church in Ross, CA. Deacon Bernard O'Hallovan conducted the baptism. Lukas' godparents were Mike Meditz and Janet Lovitt. We loved that Lukas could wear a baptism gown that belonged to Andrew's family. He looked awfully cute in it and was so smiley during the ceremony. At one point, I noticed that Lukas was staring at the Deacon as he spoke, almost as if he understood what he was saying. After the ceremony we went to Cori's parent's house for lunch and time with family and friends. It was a lovely day and one that Andrew's mother would have loved. We certainly missed her on that day but were so happy to have so many other family members and friends with us. It was a day of celebration of all that is good and hopeful in our lives, so much of which has to do with the new generation of children in the family.

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